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Bodyguard T-45

Bodyguard T-45
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The award-winning T-45 combines all the performance and reliability of a Bodyguard treadmill with a wide range of unique customizable workouts that replicate real training scenarios.

Bodyguard Dissipation System BDS – BDS is a unique visco-elastic polymer recognized as one of the finest cushioning materials available.

Electronic Stride Control – ESC is a natural motion system that provides the closest feel to outdoor running by maintaining the correct belt speed on any incline.

Motor: 3 HP DC (3600 rpm)
Speed: 0.5 to 12 mph
Incline: 0% to 15%
Exercise Area: 22" x 56"
Heart Rate: Contact & Wireless
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Dimensions: 74"L x 30"W x 54"H (188 x 76 x 137 cm)

Bodyguard Dissipation System –

Bodyguard Dissipation System (BDS) is designed to achieve 3 key goals: Minimize Impact Energy, Maximize Foot Stability and Simulate an Athletic Track Feel. To achieve this, Bodyguard treadmills rely on more than just high quality shock absorbers; rather, BDS is engineered as a complementary system to the entire treadmill platform.

Minimizing impact energy without sacrificing foot stability is a challenge for many treadmill manufacturers. One solution to reduce impact energy is to create a platform that flexes and absorbs the user’s down force. However, the more a platform flexes, the less stable the surface is for the user, increasing the risk of lateral injuries related to foot instability. Furthermore, high amounts of deck flex often result in a scenario treadmill users call “kickback”. “Kickback” occurs when a heavily flexed deck returns sharply to its flat state when the weight of the user is lifted. This results in an uncomfortable bouncy feel to the running surface and is very common in poor quality decks or decks that are too thin in relation to their length (e.g. a ¾ inch thick deck that is 54" long will have less flex than a ¾ inch thick deck that is 60” long resulting in less ‘kickback’).

Advanced Friction Detection System –

Advanced Friction Detection System (AFDS), is a system watchdog that uses Bodyguard’s built-in custom amperage reader to monitor the treadmill’s performance and warn users when the unit is operating at an “elevated” level. An AFDS reading above 12 amps generally indicates excessive deck and belt wear and the need for maintenance. Far more precise than using mileage or hours of usage as a guideline for scheduled maintenance, AFDS gives you real-time updates via the iTek key and allows users to forget about monitoring usage levels. If an AFDS warning appears, it indicates that the drive system has been drawing high amperage, which is a primary cause of parts wear. If that occurs, simply follow the maintenance instructions, which usually involve simply cleaning the belt and deck. AFDS is so intuitive that if a user chooses to ignore the maintenance warning and continues to operate the treadmill to the point where the drive system is at risk then it will shut down until the problem is resolved. The current AFDS reading can be accessed at any time via the iTek key, meaning a user can easily see how the system is running at any time.

4-Way Deck –

All Bodyguard Fitness’ deck surfaces are finished with a multi-layer phenolic coating to reduce belt friction and wear. After many years of heavy-duty use these deck coatings can wear through, so to provide better long-term value to customers and avoid expensive after sales parts purchases, Bodyguard layers both sides of the deck. Therefore, when the phenolic coating is worn down on one side, simply flip the deck over and use the other side. Furthermore, users who only wear a small section at one end of a deck can get even more use out of each side by rotating it thanks to Bodyguards unique 4-Way Deck system.

Long lasting surfaces combined with our exclusive 4-way flip and rotate system means Bodyguard decks can last thousands of more miles and are just another reason how Bodyguard treadmills keep saving you money many years after the purchase date.

Electronic Stride Control –

Electronic Stride Control (ESC) is an electronic braking system built-into Bodyguard’s Palladium Drive Lower Control Boards that prevents the running belt from over speeding and offers “traction” during the “push off” stage of the stride when exercising on an incline.

Silicone Keys –

Silicone Keys offer many advantages over standard membrane or plastic keys such as being more responsive, durable and reliable. As a result, Bodyguard Fitness uses Silicone Keys on the main keypad on all our equipment. These principle keys are the ones used most often, especially during exercise, and are prone to wearing out if an unsuitable material is used. With Silicone Keys a user gets a response even if they just catch the edge of the key, which is very common when in the middle of workout with the heart pounding. And because Silicone Keys do not crack over time, your console will continue performing like new long into the future.

Palladium Drive –

Bodyguard Fitness’ custom-built Palladium Drive is a commercial-grade lower control board that is included on every Bodyguard treadmill. The lower control board is one of the most important components of a treadmill, responsible for regulating the power to the motor and maintaining smooth, consistent belt movement at any speed or incline. The lower control board is also one of the parts put under most stress so it is very important that this component is of high quality so to be durable and offer consistent long-term performance.

Digital Contact Heart Rate –

Bodyguard’s Digital Contact Heart Rate Sensors offer far more accurate Heart Rate readings than standard analog sensors. Also, our dual sensor plates provide improved contact readings, which is a big advantage for users who traditionally get intermediate contact heart rate readings due to “soft” pulses in the hands.


Residential Warranty

Frame – Lifetime
Drive Motor – Lifetime
Limited Parts – 10 years
Limited Labor – 3 years

Commercial Warranty

Maximum Usage (average) – 3 hours/day
Frame – Lifetime
Limited Parts – 3 years
Limited Labor – 1 year